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Solidarity Message from

World Federation of Trade Unions

Million Worker March Committee,
ILWU, Local 10,
400 North Point
e-mail: mwm_committee@yahoo.com

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), on behalf of its affiliates in all continents, conveys its message of international solidarity to the Million Worker March in Washington on 17 October 2004, to put forward a workers’ agenda that will include universal health care, enforcement of all civil rights, support for public education and an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. We wish to convey to all participants the full support and solidarity of the World Federation of Trade Unions with your Great March to Washington.

We support your demand for the repeal of repressive legislation such as the Patriot Act that is seen as an attempt to terrorize and suppress the struggles of the working people for their rights and to destroy democratic control of the economy and of society. We wish you success in your efforts to further strengthen the united movement to reshape America. The Great March which you are organizing will inspire workers and trade unions in all countries to further strengthen their unity and solidarity in the common struggle to uphold international law, international labor standards and a better life for all workers and peoples the world over.

Long Live International Solidarity of Workers and Trade Unions!

General Secretary,
World Federation of Trade Unions
Prague, Czech Republic

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