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Call for international solidarity

Mexico, November 18, 2009.

Dear comrades of affiliated and friend
organizations to the World Federation of Trade Unions

On Saturday October 11, 2009, thousands of soldiers and policemen entered in all electric work centers of Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LFC) company responsible for the public service of electric power in the central region of the country. Immediately, the federal government decreed the extinction of the company and, consequently, the liquidation of all the workers.

The government's measure affects to 44 thousand active electricians and 22 thousand retired workers, all members of the Mexican Electricians’ Trade Union (SME).

Under arguments of financial crash the Mexican government has given to the workers the biggest blow in the last three decades in a context of serious worsening of social and economic conditions which have been derived of a persistent crisis.

From 1992, in the mark of the signature of North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA), Mexican legislators approved regressive reformations to the Law of the Public Service of Electric Power. Then, in this way began a process of stealthy electric privatization that, to the moment, it reaches 49.4% of power generation capacity in the entire country.
Contrary to the Mexican political Constitution, transnational companies, headed by the Spaniards, they have been taking possession of the nationalized power generation industry and they also seek to privatize also transmission and electric distribution.

Luz y Fuerza del Centro carries out functions of electric distribution basically, serving to 6 million users and it is the oldest electric company in the country. Their activities are carried out in the Mexican capital and neighboring places of the central region.

The SME is one of the oldest unions, founded in 1914, it affiliates all LFC’s workers and it has a trajectory known in Mexico and over the world.

When taking place the measure of the government's force, the Mexican people went immediately to solidary action. However, the government persists in its politics and doesn’t exist to the moment neither dialogue and less agreement for a favorable solution to the workers.

In the capital and interior of the country has been activated the popular resistance. Diverse organizations have been pronounced in solidarity with the SME demanding to the Mexican government stop aggression against electricians and a solution of the conflict.

The Mexican government insists on liquidating the workers offering money in exchange for renouncement to the work and the struggle. However, under difficult conditions the electricians stay firm.

In such circumstances, the Energy Workers’ Front (FTE) of Mexico, affiliated organization to the World Federation of Trade Unions (FSM), calls to the affiliated organizations and friends, to express urgently your solidarity with the electricians of the SME carrying out all the actions within your reach.

The FTE will estimate received solidarity publishing your messages for the workers' knowledge and of the Mexican people, as well as, other measures that want to exercise before embassies of Mexico in yours countries, including demonstrations and meetings.


Energy Workers’ Front,
in Mexico

Source: 2009 elektron 9 (309) 1-4, 19 nov 2009.

Marcha de electricistas en Toluca, México FOTO: Luz del Alba.
Electricians’ demonstration in Toluca, Mexico PHOTO: Luz del Alba.

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